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Jiangsu Yawei Transformer Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized transformer enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of transformers such as main transformers, new energy transformers, American transformers, oil transformers, and dry transformers; In addition, the company is equipped with a series of supply chains required for the production of transformers, and has established four branches including Nantong Baiwei, Nantong Baite, Nantong Zhihe, and Jiangsu Yawei Special Transformers.

Adhering to the business model of "quality first, standardized management, and courage to explore", Yawei continuously strives for excellence;

Gathering high-tech talents, increasing research investment, and continuously breaking through product performance;

Manufactured with craftsmanship, focusing on the production of each product;

Check with original intention and adhere to every product inspection;

Satisfy every customer's needs with sincere service;

Along the way, set a benchmark with strength and reap honors with professionalism.

Company Case

  • 30+


  • 800+


  • 500+Million



When I met Wangyufeng at the 15th International Power and Electrical Exhibition, we kept in touch. During this period, we will still participate in every electricity exhibition. Mr. Wang has always been an exhibitor, and every time we visit their booth, we politely send us an email.


This is really a very reliable partner. In the future, if there is a demand for transformers, we will continue to consider choosing Jiangsu Yawei Transformer Co., Ltd.

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