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The path under one’s feet

Jiangsu Yawei Transformer Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized transformer enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of transformers such as main transformers, new energy transformers, American transformers, oil transformers, and dry transformers; In addition, the company is equipped with a series of supply chains required for the production of transformers, and has established four branches including Nantong Baiwei, Nantong Baite, Nantong Zhihe, and Jiangsu Yawei Special Transformers.

Adhering to the business model of “quality first, standardized management, and courage to explore”, Yawei continuously strives for excellence;

Gathering high-tech talents, increasing research investment, and continuously breaking through product performance;

Manufactured with craftsmanship, focusing on the production of each product;

Check with original intention and adhere to every product inspection;

Satisfy every customer’s needs with sincere service;

Along the way, set a benchmark with strength and reap honors with professionalism.

The way to come

Since its establishment in 2007, Yawei has been continuously conducting independent research and development, and has the courage to innovate;

From the beginning of three-phase transformers to the current research and development of single-phase transformers, Yawei has been actively expanding its business scope, hoping to showcase more high-quality transformers to customers. With customer needs as the core, Yawei is committed to meeting customer needs in every transaction, allowing customers to feel Yawei’s service enthusiasm and also providing customers with an ultra-high purchasing experience;

Actively embrace every challenge, achieve extraordinary results, challenge excellence, continuously give and receive.

Main transformer: The main transformer has superior process equipment, efficient production and manufacturing, so that the transformer has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low loss, low discharge, low noise, etc. In addition, the product is stable, reliable, economic, environmental protection characteristics, suitable for power plants, substations, large industrial, mining and petrochemical enterprises.

pad mounted: pad mounted is a new type of power distribution equipment, with reasonable structure and compact, small size, flexible installation, easy operation, small footprint and other advantages. The product has been widely used in residential areas, public places, industrial and mining enterprises and other power distribution places throughout the country.

Oil transformers: oil transformers using high quality materials, in coil body and insulation, the use of new technology, new materials, so that no load, load loss significantly reduced, performance and structure more reliable and superior. In addition, the oil-immersed transformer also has good economic performance, long service life, high reliability and small footprint.

Dry type transformer: Dry type transformer safety, no pollution, can be directly installed in the load center, maintenance free, easy installation, low loss, high reliability, good moisture-proof performance. At present, the company has run the products, its performance and various indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Prefabricated cabin substation: It plays the significant advantages of “improving construction efficiency, saving building area, saving operation and maintenance costs, reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution” and so on. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, shipbuilding, communication and other fields.

Container energy storage transformer (can be customized) : high system integration, with multi-level system protection strategies and measures, safe and reliable, adapt to various types of load, easy to install and maintain; It also has remote monitoring function.

Nantong Budweiser:

Budweiser Electric is a production, processing and sales enterprise. Its main products are 10-220KV dry-type transformers, electromagnetic wires of oil immersed transformers, reactors, enameled wires for engines, etc. Budweiser Electric has introduced multiple high-quality production technologies and equipment from the industry, and invests a large amount of funds in technical improvement and research and development every year. It has designed multiple series, specifications, and applicable products that can meet the needs of customers of different types and purposes. Enamelled copper aluminum flat wire includes 120 acetal/self-adhesive acetal enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire, 130 polyester enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire, 155 modified polyester enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire, 180 polyester imide enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire, 200 polyester imide/polyamide imide composite enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire, and 220 polyamide acid imide enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire. All products are safe, stable, and reliable, using excellent raw materials for durability.

Nantong Zhihe:

Nantong Zhihe Electric Co., Ltd. is a growing enterprise specializing in the production of 330KV and below oil immersed transformer oil tank. The company’s main business: 330KV and below oil immersed transformer clamp, oil tank, radiator; Dry type transformer clamp, mold; American and European style box transformers, prefabricated cabin shells; Iron core processing and manufacturing; Supporting OEM processing of transformers for State Grid and Southern Grid.

Nantong Baite:

Nantong Baite New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of 750kV and below transformer coils, paper decorations for assembly, corner rings, laminated wooden insulation parts, etc; In the field of electrical insulation and transformer sales, including cable paper, adhesive tape, DMO prediction cloth, auxiliary wheel paper, electrical cardboard, composite hoarding, and slitting insulation paper. Among them, diamond dot adhesive paper, diamond dot adhesive DMD, braces, and pre impregnated fabrics are exported to both domestic and foreign markets.

our service

  • 1.Product development and design

    The company focuses on 110kv, 220kv, 500kv large ultra-high transformer, 35kv dry transformer, oil immersed transformer technology innovation. Company to customer requirements for the purpose of independent design of transformers to satisfy customers.

    The company has a technical research and development team of more than 300 people, the company has made breakthrough achievements in the field of ultra high voltage transformer technology research.

  • 2.Production and manufacturing

    The company has 4 branches, fully ensure the production of raw materials supply and quality. In the production process, the company uses the most advanced equipment, to ensure that the production speed is greatly improved.

    In addition, the company is constantly training workers in the production workshop on transformer production and the latest technology, so as to further ensure the quality of transformers.

  • 3.Test

    The company will carry out transformer routine test before each transformer leaves the factory. The company has CSA, IEC, UL, CE and other certificates to ensure the quality of each transformer.

  • 4.Maintenance and repair

    The company has a perfect after-sales service system, the company promises that in the shelf life, any product problems, will be dealt with in time, to ensure that each transformer can operate normally.

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